Hot & Spicy  
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w. White Rice
spicy S88. Boiled Fish in Hot Sauce 14.95
spicy S89. Boiled Fish in Hot Sauce, Jiangbei Style 16.95
spicy S90. Hot Spicy Fish, Xiang Style 15.95
spicy S91. Spicy Peppers and Sour Mustard 14.95
spicy S92. Spicy Bean Curd with Fish Fillet 14.95
S93. Fried Fish w. Hot Red Peppers 16.95
S94. Sweet & Sour Yellow Croaker Fish 13.95
S95. Sweet & Sour White Fish Fillet 15.95
S96. Steamed White Fish Fillet 15.95
S97. Steamed Whole Flounder (S) 12.95 (L) 16.95
S98. Stir Fried Whole Flounder Fish (S) 12.95 (L) 16.95
S99. Sauteed Yellow Croaker Fish Fuzho Sauce 13.95