Hot & Spicy  
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House Special

w. Rice
H1. House Pan Fried Noodles
Sliced chicken, beef, shrimp & mixed vegetables sautéed w. oyster sauce on top of pan fried noodles
H2. Seafood Basket
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, lobster meat & crabmeat combined w. snow peas, straw mushrooms, Chinese vegetables, carrots & water chestnuts in a special white sauce
spicy H3. Dragon & Phoenix
One side is General Tso's Chicken & the other side is hot spicy ginger shrimp
H4. Triple Delight
Fresh jumbo shrimp, sliced chicken & beef cooked w. mixed vegetables in house special sauce
H5. Happy Family
Sliced beef, chicken, large shrimp, lobster meat & roasted pork w. mixed vegetables in special brown sauce
H6. Scallops & Beef
Sliced beef & fresh scallops cooked w. mixed vegetables & sautéed w. house special sauce
spicy H7. Shrimp & Chicken, Hunan Style
Jumbo shrimp & chicken first marinated, then served w. a variety of vegetables in our special Hunan sauce
H8. Four Seasons
A delightful house dish w. chicken, beef, shrimp, pork & mixed vegetables
H9. Roast Duck (Half) 14.99
spicy H10. Ma Po Tofu (Pork) 9.95
H11. Beef Short Ribs 17.95
H12. House Special Tofu 13.20